Footluz Bodyluz Health & Beauty


A luxuries treat for those feet that support you every day, taking you from work to home, to school to dance to gym etc. They deserve some pampering.

At the start of your treatment a thorough consultation will be taken to ensure there are no reasons why your feet can’t be shown some love.

  • Nails will be cut, filed and shaped. Hard skin on heels will be removed with a pumice or a foot file. If the skin is in very bad condition you may require a couple of sessions to eliminate all hard skin.
  • A deep exfoliation treatment will be performed to cover the heels, cuticles etc and then soaked in warm soapy water with aromatherapy oils to help you relax.
  • Cuticles will get some special attention to remove hard skin and excess skin on the nails.
  • Feet will be massaged using pre-blended oils and then enveloped in heated mitts. Heaven, show your feel some love.
  • Then you can have some colour varnish to finish the treatment. Men may chose to have a clear varnish or a nourishing nail treatment to finish.

Deluxe Pedicure £35

File and polish can be added to existing treatments but not offered as a stand alone treatment £10